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2024 Race Schedule

Mark these dates in your calendar as 40 GT cars fill the grids from April 2024:


Fuel up for sharp turns, spins, and more on-track action! The opening race kicked off on the Okayama International Circuit on 13 Apr 2024. The circuit is flanked by mountain views, and marked by 11 turns set on a low-abrasive road surface. With GT500 and GT300 battles taking place simultaneously across the circuit, it’s a buzzing treat for the senses.


Situated near the base of the majestic Mount Fuji, the iconic Fuji Speedway is a renowned race track that features a 1.5-kilometer-long straight stretch for those crazy high-speed runs. A total of 12 corners string together to make for an exhilarating race for the Super GT cars that visit this track twice a year for each race season.

Suzuka Circuit

One of the few circuits in the world with a unique figure-eight layout, Suzuka Circuit features a track that crosses over itself via an overpass. Originally built by Honda as a test facility, it has since become one of the most respected and challenging circuits in the world. A course that stretches 5.8 kilometers long, it includes a variety of fast corners, technical sections, and challenging chicanes, demanding precision from every Super GT driver.

Sportsland Sugo

Known for its varied elevation changes, Sugo adds some spice to the season with its complex and technical circuit layout. Located in Murata, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, the 3.7 kilometer track is housed in one of the largest motorsports facilities in Japan, and is known for its challenging mix of tight corners and high-speed sections, testing the agility and speed of both driver and car.

Autopolis International Racing Course

Situated in the remote mountains of Oita Prefecture, Japan, Autopolis is celebrated for both its demanding nature and the scenic beauty of its mountainous backdrop, which also contributes to unpredictable weather conditions, adding a layer of complexity to the races that are held here. The circuit features a challenging layout that spans 4.7 kilometers with a mix of 18 turns, offering a combination of high-speed sections and technical corners.

Mobility Resort Motegi

Mobility Resort Motegi is a motorsport venue in Motegi, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Originally known as Twin Ring Motegi, the name comes from the venue's distinctive feature of having not one but two race tracks: an oval and a road course. Super GT drivers and cars will take to the 4.8-kilometre road course and tackle a variety of turns and elevation changes across 14 corners.